CHS's more than 4,300 physicians provide a wide array of expertise covering every medical specialty. This enables Long Islanders to have access to the highest level of care without leaving the area, whether for advanced neurological procedures, world-class cardiovascular treatment, the latest in orthopedics, excellent cancer care, behavioral health or other services.

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Guided by CHS's commitment to continue Christ’s healing mission, the system’s neuroscience team is dedicated to ensuring optimal patient and family care through advanced, comprehensive neurological and neurosurgical services. Our focus is on providing excellence in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders to help improve the health of the community we serve.

Catholic Health Services of Long Island
(855) CHS-4500 or (855) 247-4500

Gianna of Long Island

We provide preventive and specialized obstetrical and gynecologic care to women, while honoring their dignity and the sanctity of human life through restorative reproductive medicine. With this as our promise, we care for women of all ages and at all stages of life. Treatments are holistic and include nutritional, sleep-related, weight-related, endocrinological, behavioral, spiritual and medical components.

Gianna Center of Long Island for Women's Health & Fertility
661 Deer Park Avenue
Babylon, NY 11702
(631) 376-3232


Lung Cancer Screening Program

CHS offers lung cancer screenings at several convenient locations for qualifying individuals at high risk for developing lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Screening Program
Catholic Health Services of Long Island
(844) CHS-LUNG