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Catholic Health Services Economic and Community Benefit

February 15th, 2018

Did you know that not only do hospitals and health systems provide critical health care and emergency services, but also they contribute vital resources to communities through jobs, tax revenue and capital improvements, because they are among the largest employers across the state? Locally, Catholic Health Services (CHS) plays a vital role in improving Long Island’s economy and communities.

With six hospitals, three skilled nursing facilities, a home nursing service and hospice, CHS handles nearly 240,000 emergency department visits, more than 77,000 hospital admissions and more than 800,000 outpatient visits yearly. To illustrate the tremendous impact CHS has on the Island’s economy and communities, the system is sharing the Healthcare Association of New York State’s (HANYS) analysis. The association’s most recent data shows CHS’s hospitals have a combined, estimated economic impact of $3,744,000,000 invested in their employees with payroll expenditures of $1,191,000. Collectively, these employees paid $686,000,000 in generated tax dollars. Also, adhering to CHS’s charitable mission the system’s hospitals have provided $164,000,000 in charitable care for those in need.

“The analysis provided by HANYS offers insight on how important our organization is to the fabric of the community and how CHS contributes to the region’s overall economic vitality,” commented CHS’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Daniel DeBarba.

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